Tankless Water Heaters vs. Storage Water Heaters

St. Louis PlumberAre you finding it hard to decide whether it's better to go with a conventional storage water heater or a tankless model? Replacing the old water heater in your home will mean that you are going to have better options now. You can invest a little more and get a new tankless water heater or stay with a water heater storage tank.

By weighing the pros and cons of each, you might be able to make a decision on which water heater would be right for your home. As local St. Louis plumbers, SC Hosack Plumbing and Excavation often helps customers choose the type, make, and model of water heater when it's time for a replacement. One of the things we want our customers to know when making such decisions is that the decision has to be right for them. What's right for one home isn't necessarily right for another household, so compare and be willing to ask your plumber questions.

Energy Efficiency Of Storage Water Heaters

The good news is that there are many energy efficient storage water heaters available today. If you are replacing an old water heater tank with the same type, you'll have great options. However, no storage water heater will perform as efficiently as a tankless water heater.

Traditional water heaters need to constantly heat up the water in the tank so there will always be hot water on standby whenever you need it. The heater turns on when the thermostat inside senses that the temperature of the water gets colder than the thermostat setting. Two heating elements stay on until the water gets hot enough again. They turn on many times throughout the day and night to keep the water hot. This constant heating of the stored water is constantly consuming energy even when you don't need hot water.

Energy Efficiency Of Tankless Water Heaters

With tankless water heaters, only the water that is drawn through the system as you turn on the hot water tap is heated. They work instantly on demand only. You can save energy because it only needs electricity when you turn on the hot water. When you are asleep at night or out of the house on vacation, it remains off until you return and need it again. This makes it very energy efficient.

Reliability Of Storage vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are notorious for not producing enough hot water. There is a limited amount of hot water in the tank at one time. The water will only be lukewarm as the new water flows into the tank as you use it up. If you use a tank full, it will take some time to heat a new tank full of water. If you have a large enough family and the water heater isn't large enough for everyone, somebody will get a cold shower if you don't space out the bathing times.

With a tankless water heater, there is a limitless supply of hot water. Unlike conventional hot water heaters, the water is heated instantly. However, if the unit is to serve the entire house, you need to install a whole home tankless water heater. Generally, these are installed in the same location as the old water heater tank so it is an easy conversion.

Comparing Prices Of Storage vs. Tankless Water Heaters

The price of a water heater varies according to the size, make, and model you choose. Generally speaking, a tankless water heater costs about twice as much to buy and install as does the storage water heater. You should keep in mind that a typical tank water heater generally lasts 10-13 years if maintained and a tankless water heater can last up to 20 years.

A tankless water heater costs on average from $897 to $2,607 to install (including labor) and a storage water heater tank typically ranges from $729 to $1321. The U.S. Department of Energy says that you can save around 27% to 50% with an electric on-demand water heater.* You can save even more with an Energy StarĀ® qualified tankless water heater.

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