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Highly Skilled New Construction Plumbers in St. Peters

St. Peters, MO

With over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry, SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation has all the solutions for your most difficult plumbing problems. Our contractors service both commercial and residential plumbing systems. We handle the whole range of plumbing projects from minor repairs like drain cleaning to extensive tasks like remodeling plumbing services.

Call us today if you need to hire a professional plumber or sewer contractor. Our courteous and polite staff is always happy to discuss how our plumbing services can improve your St. Peters property. We work our hardest to maximize customer satisfaction. Allow us to start working for you today.

New Construction & Remodeling Plumbing

Whenever you conduct a new construction or remodeling project, you should take the opportunity to custom design a plumbing system that will accommodate your unique needs. For residential properties, this means installing plumbing fixtures and appliances that enhance your St. Peters family’s quality of life. For commercial properties, this means augmenting the plumbing system to enhance your business’ productivity. At SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation, our highly experienced plumbers can help you with this customization through our new construction and remodeling plumbing services.

St. Peters Commercial Plumbing Services and Repairs

At SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation, our professional plumbers are extremely proud of their versatility and skill. We have the capability of handling all of your plumbing related needs. We service every aspect of residential and commercial plumbing systems. Our team can install, replace, and repair your sewer system. We are extremely adept at pipe replacements and repairs. We have the delicacy necessary to fix the most intricate plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers have the technical proficiency to repair your major plumbing appliances.

St. Peters Water Heater Installations and Maintenance

One of the best features of your St. Peters plumbing system is the comfort provided by your water heater. If your current water heater is faulty and unreliable, your family suffers a gross inconvenience. At SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation, our plumbers can help you by repairing your current water heater or by installing a new water heater in your home. If you need a new water heater, our professionals can install either a traditional or tankless water heater that will be customized to fit your unique needs.

Gas Pipe Installations and Repairs

If you are considering any project involving gas lines, it is absolutely imperative that you contact a professional who is experienced with providing gas line related services. At SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation, our professionally licensed gas line contractors have over twenty-five years of experience in the industry. We can repair your current gas pipes or we can help you install new gas pipes and fixtures during your next remodeling project. We guarantee that our gas pipe services will fulfill all of your needs safely and proficiently.

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If you need to hire a professional plumber or sewer repair contractor in St. Peters, call SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation at 636-696-3384, or fill out our online request form.