Traditional or Tankless: Which Water Heater Is Right for Your St. Louis Home?

St. Louis PlumberIf you're in the market for a new water heater for your St. Louis home, you have two big choices: a traditional or a tankless water heater. Each installation offers its own pros and cons, and knowing what those pros and cons are is the key to picking a water heater that will provide the work you need for years to come.


    Pros --
  • Installation is more affordable
  • Your home probably already accommodates one
  • Is much easier to replace and repair
Cons --
  • Drives your utility bills up more than a tankless unit does
  • Lifespan is shorter compared to a tankless
  • Takes up a significant amount of space


Pros --
  • Produces hot water on demand
  • Significantly lowers your utility bills
  • Lasts many years longer than a traditional unit does
Cons --
  • Is much more expensive to install than a traditional unit
  • You may need to retrofit your home to accommodate it
  • Maintenance costs are higher

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