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3 Signs Your Water Line Is In Need Of Repairs

3 Signs Your Water Line Is In Need Of Repairs

Our home's ability to provide us with a steady stream of fresh, clean water is something that many of us take for granted. Your home's water line lies underneath your home and performs the vital task of supplying your faucets, appliances, showers, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, toilets, washing machines, laundry machines, and hot water heaters with a steady stream of water from your city's supply. Without this constant supply, most peoples' daily lives would utterly break down.

Just because you can't see your home's water line, doesn't mean that it continue to function properly forever without any maintenance. Water lines can age, corrode, or suffer damages from storms or other natural disasters just like many other aspects of your home. This can lead to problems with your plumbing, and eventually, a complete loss of water flow to your home. Having a professional plumber perform water line repairs for your home will make sure that your home continues to have the constant supply of fresh water that you and your family rely upon. Here are 3 signs to be on the lookout for that might mean it's time to have your home's water line repaired.

Reduced Water Pressure

One of the first indications you will get from a water line in need of repair is a drop in water pressure from the taps. This is normally the result of a leak or blockage of some sort, and can result from a number of different causes. Root blockage, leaking, and pipe buildup are all common culprits when your home is suffering from a lack of water pressure. Sometimes a reduction in water pressure can be a result of issues with your water utility company, but these are normally short in duration. If your water pressure issues last longer than an hour, it might be time to contact a plumber to come out and investigate the issue.

Water Leaking Onto Your Yard

If you water line suffers from a big enough leak or breaks entirely, the water inside could wind up finding its way to the surface of your yard. In some cases, you might even be able to see it geyser up from between sidewalk stone or your driveway. If you see any water puddles forming up in places that they shouldn't be, get in touch with a plumbing professional immediately. More than likely, a breached water line is going to wind up being an emergency repair or a complete replacement job.

Water Discoloration

If the taps in your home ever start pumping out water that is reddish-brown in tint, or you notice that your clothes from the washing machine are starting to develop a similar tint, more than likely, you are suffering from a water line that is allowing soil and dirt in or one that has been heavily corroded. In either case, it is important to contact a plumber quickly to find out the source of the contamination as it could pose health risks to anyone who happens to drink it.

Water line repairs are a major undertaking and not a job that you should entrust to anyone but an experienced plumber.

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