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Professionally Performed Drain Cleaning Is Better for St. Louis Homes

Professionally Performed Drain Cleaning Is Better For St. Louis Homes

The plumbing system in your St. Louis home or business depends completely on the continual flow of water. If there are clogged drains in your plumbing system, you and your family can suffer a substantial inconvenience. Whenever a drain is clogged in your St. Louis property, you should hire a professional plumber who is adept at drain cleaning services. There services are far more effective than store bought drain cleaners. In addition, professional drain cleaning services do not have any of the harmful effects that store bought cleaners have.

Inconveniences Caused By St. Louis Drain Clogs

A clogged drain can make some of the most routine tasks difficult. For example, a clogged kitchen drain can make cooking and cleaning seem impossible. Not only will the sink not work properly, it can cause your garbage disposal and dishwasher to malfunction. Because the clog is primarily composed of organic matter, it will begin to decay and cause foul odors throughout your home. It simply is far better to hire a professional plumber to provide drain cleaning services instead of suffering these inconveniences while delaying the inevitable.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning services provided by a professional plumber are far superior to store bought drain cleansers. The professional plumbers at SC Hosack Plumbing & Excavation use precise and exact techniques in order to completely remove the obstruction that is causing your clogged drain. Their methods never cause any damage to your St. Louis plumbing system. Furthermore, they do not rely on caustic chemicals that are bad for your family’s health and the local environment.

In contrast, store bought drain cleaning solutions open you up to a constant cycle of slow and clogged drains. These solutions work by dissolving the obstruction that is causing your clogged drain. Oftentimes, the solution removes part of the obstruction and then quickly flows past the remaining drain clog. By not completely removing the drain clog, other particulate can collect once again. The drain will not operate as needed and can quickly reclog.

Although store bought drain cleaners are advertised to be safe, they can cause many problems. These solvents rely on many harmful and caustic chemicals like lye, potash, oxides, and acids. If you have to use these store bought drain cleaners multiple times, they can cause damage to you plumbing system by corroding the pipes. As such, by using these instead of hiring a professional plumber, you are taking momentary convenience at the cost of substantial plumbing repairs.

In addition, those harmful chemicals are bad for your St. Louis family’s health and the local environment. In certain instances, the chemicals in store bought cleaners have caused reactions that can cause minor explosions. During their drain cleaning services, the professional plumbers at St. Louis do not rely on these toxins that are potentially dangerous, unhealthy, and harmful to the environment.

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